Friday, December 5, 2008

Glad That You’re Happy, Debbie!

Different types of people have different thoughts about the meaning of “life!” To me, life is a long winding journey that full with many unpredictable events. Therefore, my parents always reminded me “You should save for the rainy days!”

Honestly, I doubted about my parents’ reminder when I was younger and I think there are such a windbag (Sorry mom and dad, I knew I was wrong in the very beginning and please accept my apologize.) couples. However, after I’ve grown older and starting to have my very own family, I realized that what they’ve said where absolutely right!

I’ve seen many unexpected things, although I tried not to believe it, but I just can’t ignore them, as most of them are facts that happened in front of my eyes!

For your information, I used to have a colleague named Debbie. She is a very nice and talkative woman, and all of our colleagues loved to talk and be friend with her. She has had married to a man when she was eighteen, but that man dumped her and left her with a pair of 10-year-old twins, Keith and Keiran! Although Debbie’s ex-husband has been leaving her, but she is a very tough woman and never bagged any of her family or friends to support her life.

She always told me that we all just like musketeers, and we must prepare ourselves with the sharpest swords that we can ever get. She personally had bought several insurances, including the income protection insurance for herself.

At first, I thought Debbie is wasting her money, as she can use the money for other more meaningful purposes. Nevertheless, after the indeterminable matter happened on Debbie, it started to change my point of view on insurance...

It started to happen on Debbie about three years ago, where she was being diagnosed as psoriasis patient. When she heard this bad news, Debbie still tries to be strong by hiding the truth in front of us. However, the situation was becoming worsened, when the psoriasis starting to appear on her hand and head. Although we know that psoriasis is a non-contagious disorder, but my ignorant and coward ex-boss had fired Debbie due to her health condition.

Debbie's psoriasis problem has turned into nightmare to her, where she was afraid to expose herself in the public. She was committed to suicide, but she just can't do it, as she doesn't want her children turning into orphans after she died! A few colleagues and I were trying our best to give the best advice to Debbie.

Well, with our mentally and Debbie’s income protection’s financially supports, she’s finally out from the misery of psoriasis and getting back her life. Although the psoriasis cannot totally disappear from Debbie’s life, but she learnt how to control it with medical and natural rice diet!

From the above lesson, I also have learned something that it’s necessary for us to get the suitable income protection quote as early as possible. As the old saying, “It’s better to repair the house before it rains!”

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Blog for Beginners said...

Interesting story! Well, we buy insurance not for ourselves but for the protection of our next generation lest anything bad happen to us. Who can ever foresee the future, right? I like the ending quote anyway. Now I'm off to renew my insurance.