Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Upcoming 15th Reunion Party Become Easy

My 15th elementary schoolmates reunion party will be coming in less than a month from now, so as one of the party planner cum organizer, I need to find something really unique and exquisite to put in the reunion party ( Trust me, planning and organizing a party for over hundred of peoples is not an easy task...@-@ ).

Although there are another 4 planners cum organizers ( Thanks to Eugene, Maria, Sophie and Dickson, without you all, I think this reunion party will be tougher. ) But, I still need to search and bring out some brilliant ideas, in order to make the party becoming more unforgettable.

So, I've spent about 1 hour of searching, and finally searched a site that sells various types of trade show booths for all kind of exhibiting and even for party use( I have found something that matched for the reunion party inside this site as well. )

For the decoration of table skirts, this site do offers a very elegant table covers that fix our reunion party, along with the chair covers will make the reunion party become more perfect...

Beside that, I'm think with some banner stands in the party, it will create a very spectacular environment for my elementary schoolmates( Hmm..., maybe I'm wrong here, do I?...LOl )

Well, I'm decide to add a small stage in the reunion party, this means that I will need some Pipe and Drape to make standard Wyndham Drapery stage for the reunion party use ( Hehe, maybe some red carpet as well to make it like a Hollywood's Star Walks :) )

Ok, that's all... I will tell you guys more after the reunion party, thanks for the site it did saved me a lot of time. Good day.


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