Friday, October 3, 2008

Preparation Means Perfection!

You've been decided to involve yourself in the business arena. However, do you know that it's not as easy as you thought here, as you will need to take care many things, such as the business planning, strategies, marketing, advertising, financial and administration?

Talking about a business, it won't be completed if you didn't have your own company or office. Well, talking about the company/office, you'll need a lot of things to do here, such as the interior design, renovation, purchasing those require office equipment and even Feng Shui if you're obsessed on it!

Ok, could you ever imagine a company/office have no even a laptop or desktop inside it? Yeah, it's possible if you still living in the Paleolithic ages as the uncivilized caveman! Therefore, you'll need to equip your company/office with the latest or appropriate Acer or Toshiba computers, as it's one of the essential tools that will help you expanding your business!

Beside of the computers, you also need to buy a bunch of quality assured printers, as the printer and the computer are the basic combination. By the way, don't even forget about the printer cartridges as well, as you don't want to purchase some low quality printer cartridges, didn't you?

Remember the old saying, "Preparation makes perfection!" Therefore, you should better be prepared with all those require stuffs, before you're launching a war on business field!


feng shui said...

Awesome...That's wonderful tip. Preparation means perfection.
"If you work Feng Shui, Feng Shui will work for you!" The success of Feng Shui depends on your intentions and constant attention.

Wilson Pon said...

Well, I'm glad you one of those people that believed in Feng Shui and I'm also happy that you loved the post :)