Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Useful Business Tips 46: Learn How to Avoid Conflicts With Customers!

As we know that customers are the most important assets in our business. Without them, your business will be nothing at all! However, human being do have feelings and sometimes, you might be get frustrated with the impolite and ridiculous customers.

In this case, you should learn how to overcome the problems with the proper ways!

Tips No.1
Try to be an honest and fair businessperson, treat every customer equitably.

Tips No.2
Don’t show any special relationship to some of your customers, by giving them some benefits. It will become a negative effect, if other of your customers find out the truth!

Tips No.3
You should think repeatedly, if you want to offer a contract with a customer.

Tips No.4
Don’t let the customers to get too much of advantages on you, such as borrow your company vehicles or money. You don’t have to do it, unless they need your help desperately!

Tips No.5
Remember that customers are the treasure of your business. Try to keep in touch with them as much as possible.


Cath Lawson said...

Hi Wilson - These are great tips. 2) Is really important. If you give too much away to one customer and others find out and want the same deal, you could wipe out most of your profits.

Wilson Pon said...

Absolutely, Cath. That's why, we should treating our clients equally.